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Glenwood In the News 2016

 Yes Weekly GreensboroMr. Trump Visited My Neighborhood But He Didn’t See It
Dear Mr. Trump,
Tonight you came to my neighborhood, but you don’t know that.
Tonight you held a rally at a huge events center only blocks from my house, but the roads here are carefully designed—as they are in so many cities—so that you don’t have to see where I live.
Tonight you passed close to my house, but you didn’t see my 70-year-old neighbor’s roof that is falling in under the weight of 20 years of homeownership, the last eight years making do on Social Security payments. You didn’t see the furniture and toys down the block piled up on the curb and eviction notices indicating another family has had to leave their home and go into shelters. You didn’t see the father across the street who has knocked on my door at 10:20 every night for the past two weeks so I can jump his truck in time for him to get to the night shift. He says he only needs three more paychecks before he can get a new battery.

New Rec Center ImageAllen Johnson: UNCG in Glenwood May Be Too Much of a Good Thing
A few years ago, someone stole a lawn mower from a shed at Dr. Elizabeth Keathley’s house.

When police arrived, they asked her several questions, but mostly they wondered why.
As in, “You’re a college professor. Why do you live here?”
“Here” in this case is the Glenwood community off Gate City Boulevard. Couldn’t a faculty member at UNC-Greensboro afford better than this?
Keathley, a professor in music and women’s and gender studies and immediate past president of the Greater Glenwood Homeowners Association, chuckles today at the memory.
After joking that the officers obviously had no idea of the starting pay of a professor, Keathley, a Los Angeles native, admits that she lives in Glenwood because that’s where she wants to be. She rattles off the reasons: its history, its diversity, its strong sense of place and community. She also likes Glenwood’s closeness to UNCG. She can ride her bike to class.