Officers & Board 2012

Elections for GGNA officers were held on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012, and the results will add two new faces to the GGNA board as well as welcome back two current members.

GGNA would like to congratulate the 2012 officers:

president:  Fahiym Hanna
vice-president:  Becky Kates (2011 secretary)
secretary:  Justiann Ard
treasurer:  Lynn Johnson (2011 treasurer)

WELCOME Fahiym and Justiann, and WELCOME BACK Becky and Lynn!

GGNA would like to thank 2011 president Mitzi Griffin and vice president Nancy Lenk for their dedicated service to our neighborhood during the past year.  Mitzi will remain on the GGNA board for the 2012 year as past-president.


 The following are the bios that the then-candidates provided to GGNA:

Fahiym HannaPresident

Name: Fahiym Hanna

Occupation: Freelance Community Organizer

Time of Residency in Glenwood: 8 years

Previous contributions to the neighborhood: My family business has been on the corner of Lexington and Lee St. since 2004 and I have lived in the Glenwood neighborhood for about 8 years as a renter and landowner. Some may recall I was one of the founding members of the HIVE community center that brought unique projects and people into the neighborhood and shined a positive light on Glenwood as a whole. I invested a lot of time, money and energy into the HIVE and always advocated for more collaboration with GGNA. The HIVE has since dismantled but my love for the Glenwood neighborhood has only grown.

Skills/strengths you bring to the Association: The one major skill set I bring is my business mindedness, being a second generation business owner. I understand business models and how to make a budget work, and I also bring a fresh and intentional spin to the areas of money management and fundraising. The Second major skill set I bring is my organizing ability. I have plentiful experience reshaping and reorganizing for nonprofits. Focusing on an organization’s strengths, and using those strengths to build resources, is my specialty. I have a history of doing amazing work and believe voting for me is voting for a great opportunity to make our neighborhood association a model for the rest of the city.

What you hope to contribute to the Association: The more involved I become, the more I notice how much a segment of the neighborhood is missing out on all the wonderful opportunities to make living in Glenwood even more enjoyable. Fun, social events like the Glenwood festival and bazaar, as well as tasks like the junk pick up and community watch, are things that would help people so much if the entire community were informed and participating.

If my love for this neighborhood is not enough, I am young, optimistic and well-connected. I know many people from varying backgrounds and experiences who reside in Glenwood. My biggest vision for GGNA is to bring many more voices to the table and find new ways people can be involved, invested, and invited into our community. I know there are mixed feelings regarding UNCG’s move to our neighborhood, but now that they are our neighbors, we should find some hope in what they could bring to our neighborhood. Like us, UNCG is another voice to be heard and we should focus on the positive ways in which they can impact Glenwood.


Becky KatesVice-President

Name: Becky Kates

Occupation: Photo Archivist/Database Developer/Assistant Office Manager

Time of residency in Glenwood: 9.5 years

Previous contributions to the neighborhood: I have served GGNA in many capacities over the years, including many years as Secretary of the neighborhood association. I have been involved in the Grove St. Revitalization Committee for many years and help organize the Grove St. People’s Market and Grove St. Holiday Bazaar. I have also volunteered in organizing GlenFest, National Night Out, and other community events.

Skills/strengths you bring to the Association: I am a behind-the-scenes organizer and will do whatever I can to support the goals of GGNA and to assist the GGNA board. I am level-headed and strive to treat others with respect. While I am passionate about the neighborhood that I love, I try to always keep an open mind and take all sides of an issue into consideration. I’m also a design nut. I designed the Glenwood bungalow logo and t-shirts, as well as numerous GGNA fliers, posters, and banners to promote the wonderful things going on in our community.

What you hope to contribute to the Association: I would like to continue to help in managing the GGNA website and in creating fliers and logos, and taking photos to help tell the Glenwood story to our residents and to the city as a whole. I would like to focus on positive ways we can get more people involved with GGNA and neighborhood events. I would like GGNA to continue to keep everyone informed through the e-mail list, the website and the newsletter, including those who cannot attend our meetings.


Justiann ArdSecretary

Name: Justiann Ard

Occupation: Sewing Store Manager

Time of residency in Glenwood: 2 years

Skills/strengths you bring to the Association: I manage a new sewing store on Battleground Ave and served as secretary of Handmade Triad from 2010-2011. I’ve also been on the GlenFest committee the last two years. I’m interested in being secretary so I can volunteer more of my time to the neighborhood.




Name: Lynn Johnson

Occupation: CPA

Time of residency in Glenwood: 2 years

Returning Treasurer.


2012 Board of Directors:

In addition to the four elected officers, the GGNA board is composed of the following committee representatives:

Alice Ashman – Sunshine Committee

Kay Doost – Bylaws Committee

Nancy Effle – Newsletter & Website Committee

Lisa Gagnon – GGNA representative to the Gateway Corridor Plan Citizens Committee

Mitzi Griffin – Past president

Cara Madoni – Community Garden Coordinator (Steelman Park) – (336) 482-8622

Cheryl Small – Grove St. Revitalization Committee

Early Smith – Grove St. Revitalization Committee

Dawn Sundstrom – Newsletter & Website Committee

Ling Sue Withers – Glenwood Events Committee –