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A 2015 New Year’s message from GGNA President Elizabeth L. Keathley

The Greater Glenwood Neighborhood Association wishes all Glenwoodians a warm, happy, and productive 2015!

2014 was a challenging year for Glenwood, with divisions among neighbors over the UNCG development and code enforcement leading to condemnations and demolitions of neighborhood houses.  Our MOU committee working with UNCG reached an impasse, and the GGNA membership declared April 29th a “Day of Abomination” after UNCG destroyed the large oak trees on the Rec Center site.  GGNA President Fahiym Hannah resigned for personal reasons.

However, there have also been several positive and hopeful developments:  a GGNA committee has made progress working with the city to address traffic problems on S. Aycock Street and Lovett streets; GGNA members participated in a tree planting in Glenwood, primarily in Steelman and Old Peck parks; our annual holiday potluck attracted many neighbors, including the new community service group Al Shurah; and GGNA officers met with UNCG administrators to come to some accord on several important issues.

During that October meeting, Chancellor Brady made clear that UNCG will NOT buy any property south of the development boundary as shown in the “Revised Vision Plan” of December 2010.  This is a clear signal to homeowners and qreal estate developers in Glenwood that they should not delay rehabbing and making improvements to their property in hopes that UNCG will be buying it from them.  Chancellor Brady will be sending out a letter confirming this information.  That is very good news for Glenwood!

In 2015, let us re-focus on assessing the work we need to do to fulfill the mission of the GGNA, that is, to sustain and enhance the livability of our neighborhood and our natural and built environment.  This work both requires community and helps it flourish.

Let us begin by setting a plan for the year, with work goals, social events, and fun activities that everyone can participate in.  Please come to our first meeting of the year, Thursday, 8 January 2015, 7 pm, at the Glenwood Recreation Center on Coliseum Blvd., so you can participate in the planning.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”





A New Year, A New Plan for the Neighborhood 2015

This first meeting of the year is Thursday, January 8, 2015.   We will meet at the Glenwood Recreation Center on Coliseum Blvd at 7 pm.   This meeting will include discussion about what we want to accomplish this year as a neighborhood, to build our community, continue our traditions, create new traditions etc.  We need input from eveyone who lives in our wonderful neighborhood.